Laravel Real-time monitoring

Get instant alerts if your back-end fails and identify issues at a glance before users are aware of them, thanks to our real-time diagnosis.

Do you have a Laravel back-end that powers your business?

It takes less than two minutes to connect your app

How it works

Don't wait for user reports!
Be the first to know if your back-end is in trouble.

Real time performance measurement.

Discover how your application’s components performs in real-time. Identify unexpected patterns at a glance and fix issues immediately.

Get Instant Notifications if something goes wrong.

You no longer need to delegate bug discovery to users. Your business critical applications will have a continuous eye on them and you’ll be alerted the moment anything goes wrong.

Analyze Errors.

Understand unpredictable bugs with our code level report where your app is crashing.


Grant privileges for trusted users and share real-time information about application status.

Start In One Minute

No tricky configurations. All you need is a simple composer require. Check the docs.

Split-Second Alerts

Get instant alerts that notify you errors as they appear. Tune performance & exceptions notifications for your needs.

Performance Measurement

Make data-driven decisions that will drive your application forward and monitor the impact of code changes over time.


Add custom segments to your timeline or customize entire strategy based on your convenience. Check the docs.

Valerio Barbera

Software Engineer behind Inspector

Made from developers like you

Who makes Inspector?

Hi, I'm Valerio software engineer and Laravel-certified developer from Italy.

I worked with companies of any size to help improve their software for more than 10 years.

Inspector is built on the foundation of this experience. You can monitor and fix your backend in real time creating a meaningful experience for your customers.


Install our Laravel package! It's free!

Replace homemade, hard coded solutions with a powerful developer tool. 1000 events per day are free for lifetime. Check the documentation.

$ 0

no deadline


  • Unlimited applications
  • 1K events per day
  • 7 days data history
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Live chat support
$ 29



  • Unlimited applications
  • 100K events per day
  • 1 month data history
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Live chat support
  • 2 months free paying annually
$ 79



  • Unlimited applications
  • 1M events per day
  • 3 months data history
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Live chat support
  • 2 months free paying annually

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to pay to register an account?

A. No, Inspector is free for basic usage. No credit card required. It’s vital for PHP developers to adopt a monitoring tool for their applications and I want this habit to spread.

Q. What kind of applications can I connect?

A. Your application is ready if it’s built in PHP or on top of Laravel framework.

Q. Can I collaborate with others?

A. Yes, you can invite unlimited users to join in your organization.

Q. How does the free account work?

A. You can connect as many applications you want with 7 days of data retention and max 1000 transactions per day. The free access is designed to give you a chance to replace an homemade, hard coded solution with a real developer tool without deadline chasing you.

Q. What should I install?

A. You just need our composer package.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes. After you cancel your account, all data will be removed from Inspector.

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