Stop losing customers and money due to technical problems in your applications

The problem you'll be able to solve

Prevent customers complaints due to bugs and bottlenecks in your applications!

What are the consequences receiving complaints directly from your customers?

Chaos breaks out on your team.

Any ongoing tasks is stopped, to give top priority to customer reporting.

You need hours or days to identify the problem and the solution.

You need time to understand when, why and where the problem occurs. You need more time to design, implement, and release the solution.

Customers continue to call asking an immediate solution.

In the meantime your customers can’t use your product. In the worst case they may decide to leave your company. You lose customers and money.

Don't wait for user reports!
Be the first to know bottlenecks and bugs in your
server side code.

Valerio Barbera

Head of Engineering at Inspector

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Who makes Inspector?

Hi, I'm Valerio software engineer from Italy.

I worked with companies of any size to help improve their software for more than 10 years.

Inspector is built on the foundation of this experience. You can monitor and fix your backend in real time creating a meaningful experience for your customers.

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