I’m glad to be part of Cloudways Startup Program

I’m really exited to announce that Inspector is now backed from Cloudways Startup Program.


Cloudways, leader in cloud hosting services included our company in their investment program to help Startups to success Through Managed Hosting, Growth Tools, and Mentorship.

This post doesn’t have any advertising purpose, I’m accepted in Cloudways investment program yet so I gain nothing writing this words and there are no affiliate links in this publication. It’s my genuine thought.

I believe that a reliable and effective technical support could be crucial for our business to remove many snag from our journey increasing the chance of being able to create a sustainable SaaS business.

My vision is different in many ways from pure VC philosophy. 
Financial industry is a really time consuming environment. Time that will be spent away from developing your products, chasing leads, and growing your customer base.

In the early stage there are many alternatives to move first steps with your company without lose control of the business from the first day.

These kinds of community could be a great alternative for bootstrap and give you good opportunities to grow from makers or freelance to entrepreneur.

I’m not against investments, I’m not crazy and I’m not a fan of total control. Based on my experience when we moved the first steps the only important things were:

  • Talk with other makers and entrepreneurs
  • Talk with your product’s audience
  • Improve your product

In three words: “Develop your brand”. Nothing else.

In the last few years we developed many sides projects for private use by our team and our customers network.

Transform these projects in real products for a global audience is a very hard and time-consuming task.

A reliable product need to provide an amazing customer experience, best in class performance and customer support and it needs to be ready to treat a huge amount of data.

Cloudways provides us server infrastructure, 24/7 live chat support, privileged access to many marketing tools that we intend to use, and a direct contact with a startup community manager.

We can now accelerate our time to market for future Inspector updates to help other developers around the world to win competition and make their life easier.

Inspector provides real time monitoring for Laravel based applications, helping developers to:

  • Keep informed in real time on any application error and exception
  • Identify application issues at a glance thanks to our “execution timeline”
  • Intercept bug or performance degradation before users are aware of them.


I must admit my happiness to have this contact with such a strategic partner for my product. I would like to be able to build a successful case even for Cloudways itself.

In such a competitive market, any application issues can expose developers to financial or competitive risks. That’s why today developers play a key role in the commercial success of a software product and the only way we have to exploit this opportunity is creating stable applications and providing an amazing technical support.

Be indispensable for your customers

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