Do you want a robot to avoid brain fatigue?

Hi, I’m Valerio, software engineer from Italy and CTO at Inspector.

This post is a part of the series [Pieces from inside Inspector] and today I would talk about a little bias in developers mind: Automation.

Often we are so focused to build something automated for our customers forgetting that we could do the same with our work.

As developer, only you can understand me!

When I work on a piece of code, the most exhausting part is to keep the whole execution flow in mind before and after the code block I’m working on to evaluate the impact of the current changes.

Is it the same for you?

This is one of the reasons why software development is very hard work for our brain and it can make us stop sleeping for weeks.

Do you also ask yourself:

  • How will the code perform if the traffic increases?
  • Can I clearly see the moment I need more resources to avoid system crashes?
  • Am I forgetting something critical?

Working day and night, giving up sleep and taking precious time away from your family is perhaps not the best solution for the long term.

Do you know that Inspector automatically creates a real-time diagnosis of your process’s execution flow?

You can identify unexpected behaviors at a glance.

Every time you change something in a process to deliver an http request or a background job you can visually understand its impact in real-time.

Many Inspector customers use our dashboard to deliver smaller release but more often. This strategy help them to avoid unnecessary risks monitoring the impact of any change in the code.

You can finally delegate real-time application analysis to an autonomous tool that does this job for you.

You will never have to do it again by hand.

Be indispensable for your customers

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