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Inspector helps FleetBookings to stay informed in real time if their booking system works properly.

The Context

FleetBookings is a SaaS tool to helps taxi companies to automate reservation and payments. These kind of companies have many website from which they receive reservations, targeted by service type to reach customers through dedicated advertising campaigns.

They can install FleetBookings widget in one or more of their websites to accept reservations in one central dashboard, allowing customers to pay instantly by credit card. It’s a business critical tool since it manages hundreds of reservations every day, transforming their websites in vendor machines.

The Problem

FleetBookings developers are powerless in the face of an issue when it happens. Before someone takes the time to send a report, there are 10 or 100 users who have simply left reservation forms immediately. The issue can afflict many users before they’re
aware of them, and this is certainly a problem that can cause money loss for FleetBookings customers.

FleetBookings platform aim to helps companies to sell their services, it is strongly connected with customers, and it’s also highly exposed to competitive risks if the booking engine doesn’t work as expected.

Debug application behavior using logs is becoming impracticable due to big txt files produced by the system in debug mode making manual monitoring process costly, time-consuming, and leaves a huge margin for error and delays.

The Solution

To support a seamless migration from raw log files to Insepctor, the FleetBookings team kept logging active for one month in parallel and worked to replace log entries in the code with “Inspector’s segments”, creating automatically a visual representation of their code execution flow.

These tailored reports helped the team to discover and track all application failure points, many of which are still unknown, lost among big log files too hard to scan manually.

But Inspector isn’t only about monitoring for FleetBookings. They also love Inspector’s ability to draw developers’ attention to important information within the application and push people towards the right behaviors. Each developer navigate the system and fix errors and bottlenecks with minimal confusion or disruption.

The Results

FleetBookings team uses Inspector metrics to measure their ability to provide scalable, real-time payment system and support to leading companies in the taxi industry in Italy.

They reduced by 50% the number of user reports in 6 months and by 70% the time needed to find out bugs in the system and fix them, drastically reducing unnecessary risks by releasing continuous code changes and refactoring.

Inspector insights also allows FleetBookings to get more granular with the data, to see how specific part of their system are impacting customer journey.

For example, since integrating a new Email Delivery System the execution time of background jobs fell by 20%. This means that FleetBookings can serve more traffic without increasing hosting’s resources.

Most importantly, the experience FleetBookings creates with Inspector empowers the company to create a systematic, proactive approach to application maintenance. Whether it’s introducing new package, new features, or change existing ones Inspector has enabled FleetBookings to monitor the impact of these decisions over time.

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