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Hi, I’m Valerio the Software Engineer behind Inspector.

For every agency or developer who decides to use Inspector, documentation is one of the most relevant things to make this decision.

Potential customers will often decide whether to use your software based on the documentation. Especially in B2B tools, there are often strict requirements that have to be met before a person can be convinced to register an account and try your product.

It needs to be easy to understand at a glance to confirm that your product will not complicate users life, but rather that it could be a great opportunity to improve their productivity.

With great documentation, it also has a tangible impact on your knowledge base SEO strategy. More potential customers could be exposed to your business through product documentation that is marketed correctly using contents to reach audiences in their natural environment.

With many option on the table we decided to Larecipe.

LaRecipe is simply a code-driven open source package provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation for your product or application inside your Laravel app.

Inspector is a Laravel App and LaRecipe looks good so the choice was quite natural.

Code driven package

You can configure your entire docs with simple PHP code. None of your docs configuration is stored in the database.

All documentation contents is written in simple markdown files. It automatically leverages Markdown to HTML parser out of the box including typography, images, links and others creating a static website ready to be indexed from search engine.

Beautiful UI

LaRecipe provides an amazing looking UI Vue based components due to the fact it compiles the markdown documentation in the back-end to HTML. Another key aspect is its extendibility. It allows you to personalize colors or add other assets to fit better with your brand.

Search support

If you have a very large documentation it’s very handy to have search function available so that your users can find their needs quickly. For more advanced needs you can integrate Algolia as search engine for your docs.

Our open source support

These are the main reasons why I decided to join Saleem Hadad on Open Collective and contribute to the package development to thank him for this excellent work.

Inspector Profile on Open Collective

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