Product updates 2019

Hi, I’m Valerio the engineer behind Inspector the real-time monitoring & alerting dashboard for Laravel application.

Inspector was publicly announced for the first time in early July as side project getting a really positive feedback by PHP developers. In just one month more than 150 companies have tried our platform and now we are monitoring more than 50 Laravel applications in real-time around the world (Holland, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, etc.).

If you have a Laravel application that power your business consider to install our composer package to activate real time monitoring and error alerting in just two minutes. It’s free for basic usage.

It was an amazing starting experience so far, I will write a post to tell you about the emotion I feel the first time I see the Stripe email that notifies me of my first Inspector subscription.

But after Inspector has been accepted by the market a new big question bubbled up in my mind: 

What’s next?

We are focused on making the experience you love on Inspector even better, providing a product that help you to deliver new application functionalities to grow your business and worry less about the fear of application stability because there’s an automated tool that notify you instantly if something goes wrong.

Thanks to the feedbacks collected talking with Inspector users I had the opportunity to identify some improvement points.

Transactions volume

This is the last step released yesterday. Now Inspector shows you the transactions volume to check your Laravel application load at a glance!

Segments chart

This year we’ll be adding chart for segments to monitor throughtput and performance of any single task executed inside your Laravel application. It will allow you to visually monitor database queries throughput and performance, just as an example.

Documentation refactoring

It’s now the time to reorganize our official package documentation to provide “ready to use” code snippets and detailed information about our package capabilities.

Release chart annotations

This if one of the best feedback I received recently: Get notified when you deploy e new release of your application in production adding some “annotations” to the charts to monitor the impact of the code changes overtime.

Give us your feedback

I have been busy building towards my vision of making it easier for developers to build a business based on solid PHP applications. This is only a sampling of all the features and improvements I’m planning for 2019. 

I hope they are lining up with the kinds of services you need, and I really want to hear from you on any ideas for what you’d like to see next! Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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