Inspector meet Enterprises

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Understand how Inspector works in enterprise environments and how it can helps your organization to reduce incidents and and move faster than competitors.

Can Application Bottlenecks expose you to financial or competitive risks?

Poor digital experience also can affects your customers perception that your service is right for their interest in the long term. 

Unreliable services can encourage your users to not consider your company in the future searching for others solutions that fits their needs better.

Are your teams made up of many people?

Even the most reliable team of devs won’t always produce the most desirable architecture from the beginning.

As teams grow or change, inconsistencies with individual coding conventions/styles often lead to instability within the codebase.

Inspector mitigate this problem with ability to share unified insight about applications behaviour.

Does inspecting problems seem to last longer than expected?

If a significant portion of your debugging time involves navigating the codebase or its output randomly — i.e. you’re spending too much of your time attempting to understand what’s happening inside your applications — this points to underlying issues with the system’s transparency that need to be addressed.