How Inspector works

Instantaneous Connection

No software at server level and no tricky configuration required. All you need is our composer package compatible with most popular PHP frameworks.

Split-Second Alerts

Get instant alerts that notify you errors as they appear. When you get an alert you'll know exactly what error has occurred, where, and how many times.

Avoid Incidents

Inspector automates bug detection helping you to solve issues before users are aware of them.


How long does a query take to run? How many resources does a Job consume in background away from your eyes?

Make Data-Driven Decision

Detect new – or missed – improvement opportunities, helping you to grow or adapt your application regularly.

Clickable Charts

Understand what's happening in your application at a glance with our clickable performance charts.

Events Timeline

Explore your application's events visually like a timeline and add your custom spans to turn on the light in the code execution stream.


Navigate your application’s behavior visually.


Grant privileges for trusted users to inspect your applications.

Track Errors & Exceptions

Detect error & exceptions generating a code level report where your app is crashing.

Plug & Play

Inspector doesn’t require software installation at server level so it’s a perfect solution if you run your servers in a managed cloud hosting service like Cloudways, Forge, RunCloud or similar.

Your first application is free