Three key requirements of an Application Monitoring Tool

As a PHP developer I evaluate new tools to make my daily work better. That’s why an application monitoring tool needs to be easy to use and integrate.

Here are the three key attributes to have.

Timeline visibility

Knowing the chronology of events during web request is just the start though.

Timeline can helps you to understand which requests contains bottlenecks. It is very common to have these types of problems:

  • A slow SQL query
  • Dasabase server is down
  • Http requests to external web services are failing

Code level profiling

If you want to understand your application throwing an error or has weird bugs in it you have to get down to the code level.

Knowing that a certain web request doesn’t work is easy.

Figuring out “why” it doesn’t work could be really hard. By tracking the code your application is executing, you can effectively gain more clear information to support exception reports and subsequent decisions.

Alert the right people in the right moment

Alerting is absolutely critical to developer. It can help you to sleep at night.

When you release a software in production some errors can appears immediately if they impact most executed parts of your code.

On the other hand you will find some types of errors that occur in unpredictable moments. Alert is your “Fil Rouge” from your app and you.

Introduce Inspector

Inspector is a monitoring & error detection tool that helps PHP developers to gain real time insight into the behaviour and performance of their web site or applications.

With a simple “composer require” you can install our package in your application based on what framework you are using.

By default Inspector start to monitor all database interactions, Job processes, Handled/Unhandled exception with full stack trace.


Every web request is structured as a timeline of events. In this way you have full control on what’s happening on every execution cycle.


You can active alerts to stay informed in real time if something goas wrong in your code and sleep better at night.

Error reporting

When an exception is reported you can inspect all events occured in the web request and check the stack  trace with code source visibility. Knowing not only what happened, but why it happened.

Discover Inspector to avoid losing customers and money

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