What are the risks for developers that aren’t using a monitoring tool?

Today’s complex application has made it increasingly difficult to ensure optimal resiliency and performance. Developers need real-time visibility into the app landscape—and uncover exactly what is impacting customer journeys.

What is monitoring?

While monitoring may be a casual term that can be applied to tracing or logging or a number of other activities, in this context, monitoring is much more specific: instrumenting an application and then collecting, aggregating, and analyzing metrics to maintain a good knowledge of how the system behaves.

When it comes to expectations, customers are primarily looking for two key attributes — availability and performance. Missing the mark on either of these can negatively impact your economical interests in several ways.

Lost revenue

One out of two people expect an app to load in two seconds or less. Slower response times lead to increases in application abandonment with 40% of users stating that they would abandon a page if it did not load within three seconds.

Decrease long-term expectetion

Poor digital experience also can affects your customers perception that your service is right for their interest in the long term. Users who experienced an application that freezes, crashes, is too slow or involves too complicated functionality would not consider using that application in the future and most of whom will share their negative experiences with other peers.

In the worst case scenario, some customers will take to social media to comment or complain. Even one negative review can lead to 30 lost customers, according to a survey by Convergys Corp.

Higher Help Desk Effort

Application issues also impacts your budget because more resources (time and tools) are needed to resolve issues that arise when customers encounter obstacles using your app. Approximately 85% of organizations engage more than 6 people to resolve known issues.

Deploying an effective application monitoring strategy helps to mitigate downtime risk and ensure that your business delivers a user experience that meets customer expectations.

Be indispensable for your customers

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