what problem it solves

Stop losing customers and money due to technical errors in your applications.

All starts with customer complaints

Receiving an unexpected complaint from a customer is a symptom that something risks to go out of our control. For every users that spend their time to contact us, there are many others who have simply abandoned our application. Alarm mode starts.

Your team falls into chaos

An error reported directly by a customer is placed at the top of the to-do list. The team needs to stop current activities to investigate what’s happening in the system to avoid more higher impact.

Wasting a lot of time

When these problems surface, the fact is that your users can no longer use your application, and it could take hours or even days to:
  • Understand why it’s happening
  • Discover where it’s happening
  • Design a possible solution
Implement and release new code changesIn the meantime, customers are calling, users are leaving your application, and you can’t leave your desk until the problem is solved.​<

Financials and competitive risks

Users hate spending their time reporting bugs and eventually stop using our application to look for another one that simply works, giving one of our competitors a good chance to do better than us.
How much does it cost you to lose a customer?

Avoid these risks

Stop customers complaints
You’ll be the first to know if your application is in trouble.

Save working hours or even days
Be aware of the exact line of code that is causing the issue thanks to our real time diagnosis,

Avoid losing customers and money
Running your applications at their best means more happy customers.

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